Departmental Compliance

In 2017-18, we implemented a new approach to compliance. We have continued to build on this approach this year. The Commission Secretariat inspected documentation in person at compliance visits for all the organisations we regulate, helping to encourage more positive dialogue between the Commission and those organisations.
We have also published an FAQs document (PDF, 10 pages, 149KB)(PDF, 10 pages, 149KB)  for departments, which provides guidance on various recruitment issues we have identified throughout the year.
At the end of the year, we assess organisations as either Good, Fair, or Poor, and give each organisation a forward trajectory. The table below sets out the risk ratings given to all the Civil Service departments and agencies for 2018-19, together with breaches identified for those organisations.
Further details on this year’s approach to compliance can be found in our Annual Report and Accounts for 2018-19 (PDF, 88 pages, 2MB)(PDF, 88 pages, 2MB).  
Rating Trajectory Breaches
Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service Fair At Risk 1
Animal and Plant Health Agency Good Static 0
Cabinet Office Fair At Risk 5
Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science Fair Static 1
Charity Commission Fair Static 1
Companies House Fair Static 1
Competition and Markets Authority Good Static 0
Crown Commercial Service Fair Likely to improve 0
Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service Fair Static 0
Crown Prosecution Service Fair Likely to improve 3
Defence Equipment & Support Fair Static 1
Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Fair Static 1
Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Poor Likely to improve 3
Department for Education Fair Likely to improve 3
Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs Poor Likely to improve 4*
Department for Exiting the European Union Fair Likely to improve 0
Department for International Development Fair Likely to improve 1
Department for International Trade Fair Static 1
Department for Transport Fair Static 3
Department for Work and Pensions Good Static 1
Department of Health & Social Care Fair Static 1
Estyn - Her Majesty's Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales Good Static 0
FCO Services Fair Static 1
Food Standards Agency Fair Likely to improve 0
Foreign and Commonwealth Office Fair Static 2
Forestry Commission Fair Static 0
Government Actuary's Department Good Static 0
Government Commercial Function Fair Static 0
Government Economic Service Fair At Risk 2
Government Legal Department** Good Static 0
Government Social Research Fair At Risk 1
Health and Safety Executive Poor Static 7***
Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs Fair Static 5
Her Majesty's Treasury Fair Static 5
Home Office Fair Likely to improve 1
Intellectual Property Office Fair Likely to improve 0
Land Registry Good Static 0
Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency Fair Static 0
Met Office Fair Likely to improve 0
Ministry of Defence Fair Static 3
Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government Poor Likely to improve 5
Ministry of Justice Fair Likely to improve 2
National Crime Agency Fair Static 2
National Savings & Investments Fair Static 1
Northern Ireland Office Fair Static 1
Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted) Fair Static 0
Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) Poor Static 2
Office for National Statistics Fair Likely to improve 0
Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) Fair Static 1
Office of Rail & Road Fair Static 0
Planning Inspectorate Fair Static 0
Public Health England Fair At Risk 4
Registers of Scotland Fair Static 13****
Rural Payments Agency Fair Likely to improve 0
Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service Fair Static 1
Scottish Prison Service Fair Likely to improve 0
Serious Fraud Office Fair Static 1
The Insolvency Service Fair Static 1
The National Archives Fair Static 1
The QEII Centre Fair Static 0
The Scottish Government Fair Static 7
The Veterinary Medicines Directorate Fair Static 0
The Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) Fair At Risk 2
UK Debt Management Office Poor Likely to improve 2
UK Export Finance Fair Static 0
UK Hydrographic Office Fair Likely to improve 0
UK Space Agency Fair Static 1
Valuation Office Agency Fair Likely to improve 0
Welsh Government Good Static 0
Welsh Revenue Authority Fair Likely to improve 1
Wilton Park Executive Agency Fair Static 1
[*] Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs: One breach was a Civil Service Code breach.
[**] Government Legal Department: Until Quarter 4, HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate reported as its own department. However from Quarter 4 onwards, they report as part of Government Legal Department. As such, they do not have a rating. HMCPSI’s figures from throughout the year have been added into GLD’s.
[***] Health and Safety Executive: One breach was a Civil Service Code breach.
[****] Registers of Scotland: 12 of these 13 breaches related to one cohort.

Last year’s rating and trajectory table can be found by clicking here (PDF, 4 pages, 2MB)(PDF, 4 pages, 2MB) .  
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